The Faculty

Many of our instructors attended and graduated from our program at one time or another. Others have come from other Unions from around the country. They all bring many years of experience and are committed to educating our apprentices to the fullest.

All 2nd to 5th Year classes are taught from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm two nights per week, Monday to Thursday. The first year apprentices attend school one day per week and work 32 hours per week.

Below is the list of teachers and classes given for the five year apprenticeship program:

Table: Current ARPEC faculty
Instructor Program Year Curriculum
Jay Cerione 1st Year: Service Service Related and Applied Instruction
Jason Hebbert 1st Year: Pipefitting Pipefitting Related and Applied Instruction
Jay Cerione 2nd Year: Service Refrigeration II
Craig Craig Ponton 2nd Year: Service Basic Electricity
Tony Sadolf 2nd Year: Pipefitting Drafting
Tom Flavell 2nd Year: Pipefitting Pipefitting II
Carlos Vargas 3rd Year: Service Refrigeration III
Danny Gosiker 3rd Year: Service Controls
Mike Didona 3rd Year: Pipefitting Pipefitting III
Gerald Somerset 3rd Year: Pipefitting Code and Blueprint
Mike Didona 3rd Year: Pipefitting Pipefitting III
Tony Lopez 4th Year: Service Controls and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Anthony Maturo 4th Year: Service Pumps, Hydronics and Chillers
Jason Hebbert Hernandez 4th Year: Pipefitting Heat, Steam and Math Layout
Mike Didona 4th Year: Pipefitting Welding II
Jorge Hernandez 5th Year: Service Industrial Electricity
Phil Rodin 5th Year: Service Common Chiller Services
Eric Johnson 5th Year: Pipefitting Advanced Welding
Darrell Donaldson 5th Year: Pipefitting Advanced Pipefitting