Admissions Process

Advancement credit for the 5-year program is available to qualified individuals. Interested applicants must submit documentation of previous work and/or educational experience to be considered. An evaluation test based upon field training and classroom related instruction will be administered. Applicants must score at least 80% on this test to be considered for a maximum of 2 years credit.


groupARPEC accepts applications year-round. Calling our toll-free line (1-800-463-3129) is all it takes to get your career started. Just click, print, fill out the application and return with the required information. (Print applications are also available through the mail, or can be picked up at the school’s reception desk.) A completed application will get you started towards a career in the air conditioning, refrigeration and pipe fitting industry.

Acceptance Procedure

Upon completion of the basic admissions requirements, you will meet with the Education Committee. From this meeting, a ranking list will be created. As the local industry demand increases, so does the need for accepted applicants. All procedures are in accordance to registered standards with the State of Florida.