Employer Continuing Education Course Selection form

Note, this form enables you to select one class per employee during the Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 employer-selection window. Upon completing the form, each employee will be notified of your course selection.

Employer Continuing Education Course Selection Process

The terms of the contract between Local 725 and MCASF require Members of Local 725 to obtain a minimum of seven hours of continuing education annually. Additionally, Employers are required to enforce the annual CEU requirement. This joint commitment serves to elevate the skills, expertise and craftsmanship of both employers and employees of our local industry.

To ensure that continuing education supports the Employers’ efforts to win and/or retain business, the CBA encourages Employers to select the continuing education classes that their Employees are required to attend provided that the selection is made and the Employee is notified in writing between November 1 and December 31 of each year. Starting this year, ARPEC has created a form to assist employers with that selection process. Following submission of this form, each Employer and Employee will be emailed a pdf of this selection notice, which satisfies the CBA requirement to notify Employees.

Employees who are not provided with written notification of their Employer’s selection by December 31st may select accredited training to meet the CEU Requirement during the following calendar year.

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